The certificate of conformity was established January 1, 1993 by the Directive on the common intra-Community market in the European Union.

The objective of the certificate of conformity, often called COC, "Certificate Of Conformity" is to remove barriers to the free movement of vehicles in Europe. 

The European Union goes to the harmonization of standards in the automotive field by adopting a law originally a single system to certify that a vehicle complies with the technical requirements and safety terms. 

An EC type-approval system that replaces the reception national title in all European countries, thereby creating the certificate of conformity which then become mandatory on all vehicles from the EU in 1996.

A European vehicle may be marketed or register throughout Europe without having to do any test, which used to be done in France by the DRIRE or UTAC. 

DREAL has therefore been established to provide automotive professionals and individuals, a European certificate of conformity, essential to register a vehicle from one European country to another. 

Our company is based in France and England in order to provide COCs in all European countries, french and english speaking.